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Back to School Messaging: Another Kind of Partnership

Safety School Traffic Safety

We are excited to work with local businesses through the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness of key back to school messages. We have reached out to local businesses to ask them to share general back to school traffic safety messages with our community and commuters.

We are hoping to provide reminders to local drivers to be watchful of pedestrians - both in school zones and in residential neighbourhoods - as our students and staff head back to school.

Possible messages include:

It’s Back to School season
Watch for kids in the neighbourhood

Back to School
Please drive with care

Thank you for slowing down
It’s Back to School time

We've asked participating businesses to send us a photo so we can share some on our website. We will also be Tweeting some out from our partners' Twitter accounts.

If you see any back to school messages on local signs, please share them with us too. Click the Contact us button to share them!