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School Bus Safety Week

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Happy School Bus Safety Week, everyone!

Schools throughout Alberta are celebrating School Bus Safety Week October 16 – 20. As you may have noticed, there have been many bus inspections at Sherwood Park schools in the last couple of weeks. Don’t be alarmed – this doesn’t mean something is wrong. Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch does bus inspections each year to ensure school buses are safe to transport children to and from school - not just for School Bus Safety Week, but year round!

Image courtesy of Alberta Justice & Solicitor General, 2016

Image courtesy of Alberta Justice & Solicitor General, 2016

When officers inspect buses they are checking many different safety essentials, including steering, brakes, seats, exhaust systems, emergency exits, and tires. If a part is found that is not working correctly, officers will inform the bus owner and work with them to get the part fixed.

Ensuring school buses are safe to transport students is just the first step in creating a safe ride to school. Other tips for a safe trip include:

  • Don’t forget the Danger Zone! Students should be taking 5 BIG steps when exiting the bus to make sure they clear the Danger Zone – the zone where it is most difficult for bus drivers to see students.
  • Sitting safely on the bus means facing forward and sitting with your back flat to the back of the seat.
  • Large items, including instruments or sports bags, must be safely secured under the seat and out of the aisle.
  • For school districts that have Student Tracking technology, scanning bus passes allows for all students to be safe and accounted for. Students should be scanning both on and off the bus every time!

A safe bus ride is only possible with the help of bus operators, students, parents, and other drivers on the road. Whichever category you fall into, please ensure you are doing your part to keep Strathcona County students safe!