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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

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May 1st marks School Bus Driver Appreciation Day and a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the challenging job our bus drivers have and the incredible job that they do.

Picture this:

You are driving down the road to dance or piano or even school. You've got 2 or 3 kids in the back and they're noisy and maybe bugging each other. You are trying to keep them under control and pay attention to the road

We've all experienced the frustration with our kids in the car. Now imagine being responsible for 25 or 30 times the amount of kids, while driving a vehicle many times bigger. Add to that keeping track of which kids are getting on and off the bus and you can imagine some of the challenges bus drivers experience daily.

We are so thankful for them! Transporting students by bus is an incredibly safe option and it helps alleviate traffic congestion at the school too. Imagine if those hundreds of students who arrive at the school by bus all arrived one or two at a time by car. Especially at our older schools which were not built to accommodate huge volumes of traffic.

So, let's celebrate those selfless men and women who pick up our kids every day and deliver them safely to school and then back home again. If your child rides the bus, write them a nice card and if your child doesn't ride the bus, or you don't have children, then give them a wave as you drive by.

If you missed it today, feel free to make it School Bus Driver Appreciation Week and celebrate your driver in the coming days.

Looking for some other ideas? Here some we found when we searched:

Found on Pinterest, but unfortunately, no link

Found on Pinterest, but unfortunately, no link