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You might be lying awake wondering,

What is the Strathcona County School Traffic Safety Partnership and what can they do for me?

The answer, we hope, is lots! We are a partnership made up of various parties affected by school traffic safety within Strathcona County (read more about us here).

If you are outside of Strathcona County, Elk Island Public Schools or Elk Island Catholic Schools, then our blog, tweets, best practices and resources can be a source of information for you.

If you are a school within Strathcona County, then we are working through the creation of a Traffic Safety Management Plan. Representatives from Strathcona County are working with Student Transportation, Principals, School Council Chairs and Enforcement to look at each school individually and examine traffic flow, parking challenges and signage and to create a plan. Our goal over the next couple of years is to have one for each school in Strathcona County. We are housing these plans on our website so they are easily accessible.  If your school isn't listed, then don't worry, we are still coming. If you are a school administrator, then you also have access to the signage maps so you know what signs should be where. If you think a sign around your school has gone missing (incredibly, they do!!), then contact us and we will send someone to take a look. This page is password protected, and the password should have been shared with you, but if not, or if you forgot it, contact us and we will help. We also have a list of the current Peace Officers assigned to each school so you can contact them with traffic safety concerns too. This is also password protected with the same password as the signage maps.

If you are a school within Elk Island Public Schools or Elk Island Catholic Schools, we have awesome crosswalk signs for purchase. We tested out several options, and felt these were light and portable (at one elementary school, the grade five and six students are responsible for putting them out and bringing them in which they do with no issues). They are also highly visible. We did a bulk purchase from the US so it would be cheaper and easier for schools.

We are working on other ways to support our goal of increasing traffic safety around our schools and for our students and children. If you have ideas, please contact us!